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Basic Information

Gender: Male
Birthday: 09 October 1991
Hometown: ????, Tokyo, Japan


Bilabi9x Hinagiku

Relationship Status: Single
Interested in: Women & Men
Looking for: Friendship, dating
Religious views: N0 [«°, ., °»] N0

Likes and interests

Activities: Study & play
Interests: Movie, music, video game
Favourite Music: pop, classic, blue
Favourite TV Programmes: Animax, Disney chanel, HBO, Star movie, cinemax, MTV, …
Favourite Films: Anime, action, advanture, …
Favourite Books: Manga, manga and maga
Favourite Quotations: I hate people who hate me :D
About me: U hm, I though better you guessed it.

Education and work

University: Dragon
Secondary School: Hakukou Gakuin ’09

Contact Information

Email: and
Mobile number: +84127555???
Other: +81???6098
Current location: Tokyo, Japan
Yahoo!: bilabi9x
Facebook Profile:


Posted 05/16/2010 by bilabi9x

2 responses to “Giới thiệu

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  1. Bạn là ai ?

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