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Title: Kud Wafter Original Soundtrack
Artist: Key Sounds Label
Release Date: June 25, 2010


Track list

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01. Sunday Morning Dance
02. At The Mountain Behind
03. mini glamour
04. Path of Sunset
05. Breath of Stars
06. Color blossom
07. Where I Belong
08. When We Wish a Upon a Star
09. Cape of Future
10. Adagio for Summer Wind
11. Trampoline Girl
12. August Green
13. Moontan
14. The Roots of consciousness
15. Boolm of Youth
16. Further Away
17. grief
18. Close to Edge
19. Reminiscence
20. Star Dust
21. Hoshimori Uta
22. Hoshikuzu
23. Hoshimori Uta (Capella Ver.)
24. one’s future (Rock Band Mix)


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